“That one shot”

Pre-production is an important part of what we do here at DC.  We plan and research every video meticulously before we leave the studio and set up for the first shot.  There are however, on some shoots that we go out on, ‘actuality’ shots, that you just can’t anticipate.  Ones that make you chuckle or ones that you know have captured the overall mood of the video perfectly.  We’ve come to call those, “that one shot”.  This blog looks at some of our favourites that have come up during the last year or so.

The Events Room Presents: Sugar Ray Leonard

We were delighted to be asked to work with The Events Room again, this time in the company of one of the all time greats, Sugar Ray Leonard.  Our “one shot” from this particular shoot was when Joe Calzaghe caught Sugar Ray’s eye from across the room.


The Boardroom Coffee Shop item

Kindness comes in many forms, even the simplest of acts, like buying someone in need a coffee.  That’s the concept behind the Suspended Coffee movement, spearheaded in Wales by The Boardroom coffee shop in Duke Street Arcade.  During our shoot, we filmed a number of people who had purchased a Suspended Coffee, and caught this man, deep in thought.

Deep in thought

PHS – Time-lapse Project

DC already had a working relationship with PHS when we were approached to film their latest social endeavour.  During this three-month project, we had the opportunity to meet the resident fox at their plant in Staines (which you may remember from our previous blog).  With a few dog treats, we managed to coax him onto camera.


Children in Need – Why am I falling?

We were honoured to be asked to film Ramin Karimloo’s recording to raise money for BBC Children in Need. During the recording, Ramin showed his playful side, often acting up to the camera and taunting our cameraman!  We just didn’t expect to have so much fun on this shoot!


Bring him Home, sister agrees and smiles

We were asked to shoot a performance video Classical Reflection (from BBC’s “The Voice”) recording their cover of the West End hit ‘Bring Him Home’, as part of a promotional campaign in the lead up to release.  As everything was being recorded live, there were a number of moments we enjoyed, not least of all “the smile”.

Classical Reflections

“That one shot”